Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspiration from Just a Girl

The finished product....isn't it soooo cute?? It's going straight in my office at work!

Took some matte black spray paint, some left over cork from another project, bought some cute push pins and created a new look to a once boring and ugly ole' photo frame....cheap and quick craft!!!
Bought this rather ugly, cheap metal frame from Dollar Deals....for $3

Was stalking my most favorite blog, Just a Girl, the other night and found this cute idea. I loved it, because I love pictures and picture frames. This was a little different twist and adored the idea of being able to change pictures quickly and easily. It would make a wonderful inexpensive gift to a co-worker, friend, or even yourself!!!! (Note: I apologize, the pics should be in reverse order. ;-) ) Just wanted to share.......

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  1. So very cute Lee Ann! I have been wanting to make one too!