Monday, April 27, 2009

Tales of The Tooth Fairy

I just had to share this story! Ryan lost his first front tooth on Saturday. He was so excited! I swear that thing had been loose since the fall. Well we put it in a ziploc baggie and under his pillow. The next morning, as I was making waffles before church, he stumbles into the kitchen with his head down and carrying the baggie with his tooth in it. My heart dropped!!! Jason was in the bathroom brushing his teeth and Ryan wanders in to show him that the Tooth Fairy forgot him.....again. I swear I heard Jason gag on the toothpaste. He felt just as bad for him as I did. So Grant hears the ruckus and yells at Ryan to follow him to the bedroom. There just must be some mistake. In the meantime, Jason and I are looking in our billfolds for a dollar bill. Neither one of us had anything but a $5 or a $20, or coins. Wanted to be sauve about the whole issue so decided on the $5. (Note: The Tooth Fairy has only left $1 in the past) By the time we got to Ryan's bedroom, it looked like a bomb went off....blankets, pillows, sheets were everywhere, and Ryan was looking sadder by the second. Jason got up on the top bunk to see if "he" could find the missing money. He looked under the sheets, etc and then looked inside the pillowcase where he found the missing loot: $5. Ryan's eyes about bugged out of his head...and so did Grant's. Grant spouted out "What??? $5??? All I ever get is $1!!!!!!" There was a second or two of silence, and then Grant said so matter-of-factly...."Maybe it is part of the stimulus package!" (He is so his father's son!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Testing :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes.....

Since the Easter weekend is upon us, I thought I would share a couple stories about Ryan and his concept of Jesus Christ, our Savior.
I was in the kitchen one day, and Jason had just walked outside. We were disagreeing about something.(As a disclaimer, the disagreement was over something very small) So, I was mumbling, talking, whatever you want to call it, under my breath. Ryan walks in the room with Emily following shortly behind. He asked, "Mommy, who are you talking to?". I answered, "Ahhh, no one." Ryan softly bent down to Emily's ear and said, "Shhh Emily, mommy is talking to Jesus!" My heart instantly smiled!! I then told Jason that he was off the hook at whatever I was upset with him about. Isn't it funny that I forgot in an instant what I was upset about because my son gave me a new perspective.
The second story just happened a couple days ago. It was after supper and Ryan was buck naked using the bathroom waiting to jump into the shower. He yelled "Mom", just like he does 199 times a day, so I went to see what he wanted.
Ryan: "Mom, do you know I love you, and daddy, and Grant, and Emily more than I do my new birthday toys?"
Me: "Well Ryan, thank you, that is so sweet and thoughtful!"
Ryan: "But Mom, Jesus loves you more than I do. He died on the cross for you. Did you know that?"
Me: "Yes, I did know that."
Ryan: "Mom, I bet Jesus' mom cried when he died on the cross and went to heaven."
Me: "Yes, she did, Ryan. And do you know that is what I think of when I want to cheat on what I gave up for Lent?"
Ryan: "Yep, Mom. I gave up my most favorite candy, Reece's cups. All for Jesus, Mom. All for Jesus!
Remember this conversation took place with Ryan in his birthday suit and me sitting on the edge of the bathtub. It is times like these that I just want to freeze frame and remember forever. The moments where my kids "get" what our Saviour did for us. It makes my heart smile! I absolutley love it when my kids humble me to the simplest of details. As adults and parents, we tend to stress over little and big things. When your child can bring it full circle and into perspective for you, "Blessed" is the word that comes to mind! I know there are days when I question if I am a good Christian, wife, mother, daughter, friend. I think God answers me by giving me stories like these.
John 3:16: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son..."

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ryan's 6th Birthday

The cupcakes we made for Ryan's party......they were a "hit"! me his infectious, lovable, and well known smile!

Ryan showing off one of his birthday gifts from his friends!

Ryan showing off his personalized Dodger Jersey!!

A picture of the birthday cupcakes that he took to school. It's a long story of why these are "red" instead of blue. Basically we are a house divided....I love the St. Louis Cardinals and Jason loves the L.A. Dodgers, which in turn the boys love the Dodgers, too. Since I am the odd man out, Ryan decided he felt sorry for me. He "allowed" me to "airbrush" these cupcakes red because I never get to have anything "red" in the house (We used that color mist spray for these beauties, but Ryan called it "airbrushing") with the premise that we had to "airbrush" the ones for his party at home "blue". It was a deal! The Cardinals were represented at least once in the Holzmeyer household!!

Ryan's First Soccer Game

Ryan's First Soccer Game........just happened to be on his 6th Birthday! He was so excited!!!
I have to admit, we are not "soccer folks". My husband is a die-hard football fan. Soccer usually isn't in our vocabulary. But Ryan wanted to try it for a couple of seasons until he is old enough to play in our youth football league. Of course we gave in and said he could play. He loves it. He played goalie and blocked several shots, AND he scored 2 goals of his own.!! What a great birthday present for him. Ryan also loves that his big brother, Grant, has to sit and watch HIM play something for a change. Ryan has been carted around to enough of Grant's activities over the's payback! Go Ryan!!!